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  • I’m completely addicted to needle felting. My pal Deb at Stitches teaches it there and she does it on her jeans! I am working on a pair right now. Deb has a beautiful fitne-pairbing of flowers around the hem. I am also felt-painting on my ten-year old stegman wool and cork clogs. So much fun. Thank you for the video of the harp playing. I love how the capelet idea worked out. The playing was exquisite.

  • I just finished reading Fingertips, and I found it quite interesting. I also see some humility in Hancock, in that he does not seem to be preaching, but merely trying to bring certain information to the conversation that seems to be important but not discussed. Good for him, I hope he continues his work.

  • Espoon S: Kiitos tarkennuksesta, nyt valkeni. Luulenpa, että vielä ei tuo kikka meillä toimisi, mutta ehkäpä myöhemmin. P: Kovin ovat neuvot erilaisia. Me saimme neuvolasta ohjeen, että heti vain hammastahnaa kehiin, kun ensimmäinen hammas puhkeaa. En jaksa uskoa, että siitä mikroskooppisen pienestä häivähdyksestä tahnaa hammasharjalla olisi J:lle haittaa, vaikka hän sen nielisikin.

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